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How to stay pest-free this summer

This month with Pest Defence we have put together a guide on how to stay pest-free in the summer months. During this period of the year it’s not uncommon to be surprised by certain pests but you need not worry, there are things you can do to prevent the annoyance of a surprise visit.

wasp nest pests

Most common pests throughout June, July and August:

  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Termites
  • Ticks
  • Wasps


General checks and prevention

Make sure that your home isn’t vulnerable to pests this summer.

  1. Roof – If you live in an apartment then you won’t need to worry about the roof as repairs should be made by the landlord. If you own a home, you should be cautious of your roof, especially if you have experienced bad weather, or if you see any missing tiles or damp forming. This may mean that there are defects in the roof where pests can access. Also, check to see if there are any nests in the overhang between your roof and the join of the wall. Should you spot any defects, fill in the cracks with roof cement, replace tiles, repair lining and call pest control to remove bee/wasp or bird nests.
  2. Air vents – as we all know, air vents have small openings and pests love to explore these and this can be their entryway into your home. To avoid this happening, you can place mesh airbrick covers to stop them from coming through.
  3. Attic – If your roof is as good as new, you probably won’t have to worry about the attic, however it is good practice to box your items in plastic containers and generally inspect the beams for possible termite damage. If you press a finger onto the beam and it feels anything other than solid, you will want to call a professional.
  4. Bedroom – although wooden furniture can look stunning and natural, it can be a homing ground for pests. If you keep your doors and windows open, this is just an invitation too. So if you have a lot of wooden furniture, try to keep it away from the walls, keep your windows and doors shut and clean regularly.

You may also want to check your summer clothes for moth damage that may have occurred during the winter periods in storage. To prevent this from happening again you may want to use fly tape, wash all your clothes and store them in an airtight bag. You may also want to vacuum regularly to keep moths and termites away.

Check your bed too – this can be easily forgotten about, but you sleep in it every night – so give the mattress a vacuum when you put on fresh sheets to ensure you keep your bed free of bugs. When washing your sheets you will want to put them on a high temperature cycle.

  1. Windows – cover any gaps to ensure there aren’t places for the bugs to access. During swarming season you will want to keep your windows closed to avoid risk of flies, ants and other pest variants.
  2. Garden – plant pots, buckets and any container that may be filled with rainwater can be extremely inviting to flies for them to lay their eggs. Unkempt foliage also provides an ideal home for various pests amongst your garden, this may lead them inside your home too.
  3. Garage – ensure all of the doors are appropriately sealed, try to keep corners clear so wasps and other pests are less likely to make a home there and keep boxes elevated off the floor.
  4. Laundry room – mice are notorious for squeezing into tiny holes such as pipework, which is why it’s important to seal the holes that you have made, to fit your washing machines and other devices.
  5. Kitchen – because this room is the home of food and waste you will want to change your bins regularly, ensure your sink’s pipes, floor and tops are free from food. Put leftovers in airtight containers, clean your dishes the same day and generally maintain a hygienic surrounding to ensure pests don’t gravitate towards your kitchen. Once you have pests in your kitchen, they can be a major health hazard.
  6. Outside bins – do not let your bins overflow, this can entice small bugs and large pests such as rodents, that can open bags and spread your rubbish across the garden.

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