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How To Prevent and Get Rid Of Moles in Your Garden

Like all pests, moles are just as disruptive as the rest of them, but this month,we’re here to provide you with all of the information you’ll need in order to prevent and get rid of moles for good. What are moles? Moles are carnivorous creatures that live in the ground, feasting on worms, grubs and larvae. They must eat around half of their body weight a day to survive, if they find themselves limited for food, they will dig more surface holes to maximise their chances of trapping insects. What do moles look like? A mole’s body can measure up to…

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How to get rid of pigeons from your roof and keep them away

In the UK, pigeons seem to be everywhere you go and if you find them on your roof – at home or work – chances are, you’ve heard them too. Not only are pigeons notoriously noisy but they can create a whole lot of mess and expensive damage to your roof tiles. What’s more, their faeces can carry diseases and draw vermin such as flies and rats to your property, which can leave you with yet another problem. How to get rid of pigeons/birds: Can home remedies work? There are some widely recommended home remedies to get rid of pigeons and…

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How to prevent and get rid of silverfish

Silverfish are seldom more than nuisances although they may, on occasion, reach unacceptable numbers. They are capable of damage by chewing papers and manuscripts (where they often feed on protein-rich gums and binding pastes) and fine textiles and leather. They may also invade packets of dried foods that have been stored in damp cupboards. How to get rid of silverfish Remove their food source: you don’t want to be sharing food with pests, so seal your dried goods in airtight containers. If silverfish won’t be able to access their favored meal, it’s likely they will go elsewhere. Get a dehumidifier: silverfish…

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How to get rid of carpet beetles

Finding holes in your carpet, clothes and general upholstery in and around your home is the number one sign of carpet beetles. Although the name suggests they live within your carpet, they will also feast upon all sorts of fabric, clothing, furs, stuffed specimens – the damage is done by the larvae as opposed to the adults – as they are not fussy or scared when it comes to variety. If you have bugs in your carpet and suspect carpet beetles, your next step is knowing how to get rid of them. What do carpet beetles look like? What types of carpet…

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Pest Calendar: Which Pests Appear in Which Season? – Infographic

View the full sized infographic here With new seasons come an influx of different pest problems. Because the majority of pests find their way into predictable places and have usual habits, you can be one step ahead of the problem. Pest Defence are here to share with you the things you can do to prevent or reduce the arrival of unwanted guests before it gets out of hand. Knowing what to look out for during the different seasons is the perfect way to tackle pests. Which pests are most common in spring? Termites When the temperature begins to rise during spring,…

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Andrew Lock wins award for mole catching

On the 3rd of April 2018 we were pleased to present Andrew Lock with our esteemed award for ‘Best Mole Catcher in Essex’ at Pest Defence. Throughout Andrew’s career at Pest Defence he’s caught many moles – too many to count! We presented him with the award not only to celebrate this but also in recognition of his general hard work and great attitude. Moles are a destructive pest that are prone to damaging gardens, parks and sports fields with their prolific burrowing and molehills. More than just an eyesore-creating nuisance, their activity can cause safety hazards and even major disruption…

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What Diseases Are Carried and Transmitted by Flies?

Professionals in the food industry will know all too well about the havoc which house flies can cause to their business processes. And, on top of this, compared to other pets such as rodents and cockroaches, house flies are responsible for the highest number of staff sicknesses. Unfortunately, house flies are estimated by the World Health Organization to transmit around 65 diseases, all of which can cause problems with stock and overall staff health. In light of this, this month, we will take a look at some of the more common diseases transmitted by house flies. What are house flies? House…

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Pest Problems Facing Industrial Factories and Warehouses

Unlike smaller commercial spaces, pest control for factories and warehouses is much harder. It’s a challenge to control pest problems that break out within them. This is largely due to their sheer size; however, such buildings also tend to have many gaps, crevices and holes which are ideal for pests to nest and multiply. Before you know it – you’ll have an infestation. What’s more, if your warehouse happens to be one which stores food, the problem becomes even more severe, since you will have to seal off the affected areas and halt operations. It goes without saying that such manufacturing and…

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Pest Defence are now CEPA Certified

Here at Pest Defence, we’ve been in the pest control industry for over 25 years and, with each passing year, we’re always looking to fine tune our services for our clients. We’re always happy to see the quality of our services acknowledged too, and with our new CEPA certification, this is exactly what we got – international recognition. We’re extremely proud of achieving this certification and what it means for our business; however, we’re also proud of what it means for our clients. What it means to be CEPA certified The Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA) are recognised as…

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How to Keep Pets Safe With Pest Control

When people are faced with a pest problem, they often turn to pesticides as the first port of call to control insects and rodents in their home or garden. However, many people ignore the fact that pesticides can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health if they come into contact with them. On top of this, even pesticides which are designed to be applied to pets to combat ticks and fleas can be harmful if they’re not used properly. In light of this, this month Pest Defence will be providing information on how to keep pets safe during pest control….

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