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Identify a Pest By Its Droppings

Sometimes we don’t know we have pests until we find their droppings inside our homes and not only can this be gross to find but also concerning, especially when you’re unsure what it is you’re dealing with. Cut the curiosity and identify the pest in your home by their poop with our handy infographic. And see below for more details on determining the type of pest in your home.   Rats  Rats excrete much more than any other pest, as much as 25000 pellets in one year. Should you have rats, you will notice these droppings all over as they go…

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Results for 'Bats'

I Hear Noises in My Loft – What Pests Are Up There?

Pest Defence are here to provide you with a guide to the noises that may be coming from your loft, so you can decipher the pest that’s likely to be taking refuge up there. Hearing noises in the loft can be very unsettling, and to be faced with a pest can be enough to make anyone run a mile. Pest Defence encourage those worrying about strange noises in the attic to read this article as it may be beneficial to you know what you’re dealing with, and the signs to look out for. However, it is still important to call a…

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