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How To Tell if a House Has Pests: Infestation Warning Signs

Have you checked that you’ll be living alone before buying or renting a house or apartment? Take time to closely inspect each room so you’re not faced with the unpleasant experience that comes with a pest infestation. This month, Pest Defence are here to share the alarming signs that pests are present within a property. Read on to discover the warning signs…   How to tell if a house has pests Avoid the costly affair of pests by understanding what it is you should be looking for inside a new home and out. With countless pests on the prowl for shelter…

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Where Do Pests Come From?

Pests are an alarming thing to find in both the home and office because it means that they have somehow managed to make their way inside through small cracks and crevices within the property – which means it’s a job for a professional to find it, seal it and remove the pests. If there aren’t any signs of broken sealants or cracks, it’s likely you’ve brought a contaminated item into the home without realising. Whatever pest you have found in your home, we have it covered in our comprehensive guide. Pest Defence are here to provide answers to your questions, covering:…

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What To Do When You Have Pests in a Rented Home

Pest Defence are here to share with you our comprehensive guide on what to do if you find pests in your rented home. Who is responsible for pest control when renting? This depends on whether your pest problem was caused by existing issues such as holes in the walls, if your tenancy agreement states that your landlord sees the property as ‘fit to live in’ and if the pests were already there before you moved in. In all of these cases, the responsibility lies upon your landlord. That said, it is the tenants’ responsibility to control pests if there are signs…

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A Guide to Bed Bugs

Bed bugs – difficult to see, but they can make their presence very much known in certain cases, which can be uncomfortable and unhygienic for everyone concerned. But what exactly is a bed bug and why are they such a pest? This article will detail the key points about bed bugs and why you need to keep them away from your home. What is a bed bug?   There are approximately 100 different species of bed bug across the world, but only two species of what are known as ‘human bed bugs’: the common bed bug (Cimex lectularus L.) and the…

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