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Where Do Pests Come From?

Pests are an alarming thing to find in both the home and office because it means that they have somehow managed to make their way inside through small cracks and crevices within the property – which means it’s a job for a professional to find it, seal it and remove the pests. If there aren’t any signs of broken sealants or cracks, it’s likely you’ve brought a contaminated item into the home without realising. Whatever pest you have found in your home, we have it covered in our comprehensive guide. Pest Defence are here to provide answers to your questions, covering:…

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I Hear Noises in My Loft – What Pests Are Up There?

Pest Defence are here to provide you with a guide to the noises that may be coming from your loft, so you can decipher the pest that’s likely to be taking refuge up there. Hearing noises in the loft can be very unsettling, and to be faced with a pest can be enough to make anyone run a mile. Pest Defence encourage those worrying about strange noises in the attic to read this article as it may be beneficial to you know what you’re dealing with, and the signs to look out for. However, it is still important to call a…

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How Squirrels can Become Pests and the Risks They Bring

Squirrels are a common sight in England, and can often be spotted in parks or our gardens scurrying around trees. The grey squirrel was originally introduced into England’s ecosystem in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century after they were brought over from America. In the century since the grey squirrel’s arrival in Britain, they have pushed the native UK red squirrel to near extinction. It can be easy to think of the grey squirrel as a cute and harmless creature, and they are often romanticised as a quintessential part of British wildlife. However, the grey squirrel can be very territorial…

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