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How to Get Rid of Wasp Nests and Prevent Wasps

Here in Britain, we’re lucky in that the pests that we tend to encounter aren’t so immediately dangerous. Wasps, however, are an exception. Not just the bane of all picnics, a swarm of wasps that feel threatened can be extremely aggressive, something that could be very dangerous for anyone caught in the vicinity.   Why are wasps pests – why we control them Social wasps: Contrary to popular belief, a wasp won’t attack unless it feels threatened. The problem here is that a social wasp in distress will emit a potent pheromone, sending nearby members of its colony into a stinging…

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Where Do Pests Come From?

Pests are an alarming thing to find in both the home and office because it means that they have somehow managed to make their way inside through small cracks and crevices within the property – which means it’s a job for a professional to find it, seal it and remove the pests. If there aren’t any signs of broken sealants or cracks, it’s likely you’ve brought a contaminated item into the home without realising. Whatever pest you have found in your home, we have it covered in our comprehensive guide. Pest Defence are here to provide answers to your questions, covering:…

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Pest Calendar: Which Pests Appear in Which Season? – Infographic

View the full sized infographic here With new seasons come an influx of different pest problems. Because the majority of pests find their way into predictable places and have usual habits, you can be one step ahead of the problem. Pest Defence are here to share with you the things you can do to prevent or reduce the arrival of unwanted guests before it gets out of hand. Knowing what to look out for during the different seasons is the perfect way to tackle pests. Which pests are most common in spring? Termites When the temperature begins to rise during spring,…

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How to stay pest-free this summer

This month with Pest Defence we have put together a guide on how to stay pest-free in the summer months. During this period of the year it’s not uncommon to be surprised by certain pests but you need not worry, there are things you can do to prevent the annoyance of a surprise visit. Most common pests throughout June, July and August: Ants Flies Termites Ticks Wasps   General checks and prevention Make sure that your home isn’t vulnerable to pests this summer. Roof – If you live in an apartment then you won’t need to worry about the roof as…

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