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How to Keep Pets Safe With Pest Control

When people are faced with a pest problem, they often turn to pesticides as the first port of call to control insects and rodents in their home or garden. However, many people ignore the fact that pesticides can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health if they come into contact with them. On top of this, even pesticides which are designed to be applied to pets to combat ticks and fleas can be harmful if they’re not used properly.

pest control for cats

In light of this, this month Pest Defence will be providing information on how to keep pets safe during pest control.

Before you begin the pest treatment

Before you even begin the treatment of the infested area, it is vital that you remove your pets – and all of their toys and bowls – well away before you begin. If you don’t this is a sure fire way of implicating your pet.

During the pest treatment

Once the area has been treated, make sure that you keep your pet well away from the area until it is completely dry. Further, make sure that you keep the treated area well ventilated in order to remove excess fumes. If you need further instructions on this process, make sure that you read and follow the directions on the label. In fact, ensure that you always check the instructions on the label before you begin.

Fish tanks and pest control

pest control around fish tank

To ensure your fish are not affected by any pesticides you decide to use, make sure that you cover the fish tank completely – especially the vents – so that no vapour or liquid can enter the tank. Also, if you use foggers, make sure that you turn off any fish tank pumps prior to application.

Baited rodent traps and pets

If you have a cat or a dog, they could well be interested in the bait attached to any traps you’ve laid to catch rodents. Consequently, it’s extremely important that all traps are kept out of reach of pets. Cats are particularly athletic and can jump and squeeze their way into all manner of hard to reach spots, so make sure you have this in mind when laying your traps.

A word of warning from Pest Defence

Before you undergo any kind of pest control activities, we would like to say the following: pest control can be an extremely dangerous activity and, as such, we would always recommend that it is left to highly qualified professionals. Pest control, if done incorrectly, can harm you, your children and your pets, so think this through before you jump in.

To tackle your pest problem quickly and make your property safe and habitable again, our same-day response service guarantees complete eradication. To help you keep your property pest free, our team of experts can also offer you prevention methods to help you avoid a repeat infestation.

Pest Defence can offer you high quality, quick and effective pest removals throughout Essex, London and all of the surrounding areas – simply get in contact today to find out whether we serve your area directly.



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