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How to prevent flies in your commercial kitchen

Keep your commercial kitchen free of flies with a few simple steps, to ensure your business is clean and hygienic. Flies cause all sorts of problems such as poisoning food, contaminating work surfaces, transmitting disease and not to mention they’re a nuisance to staff and customers. Although it’s impossible to prevent flies from entering your kitchen and breeding, it is however, possible to prevent them from staying. It’s important a commercial kitchen keeps on top of this, as this type of neglect can close a business down, due to food safety standards.

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On a food premises you are obligated to meet the demands of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – where you will have to take all necessary steps to ensure you’re attempting to get rid of these pests to the best of your ability.

Types of flies

Common House Fly – known for poisoning food, resulting in Gastroenteritis and Salmonella. This can cause vomiting and diarrhoea and can be a serious threat to any catering business. All complaints to the Local Environmental Health Department will be investigated.

Lesser House Fly – like colder conditions, bad news for any damp areas.

Blowflies – like to feast on deceased animals and general waste. Commercial kitchens are obviously a huge target, as their waste will contain more food scraps than the average household, which will be a great attraction to these large flies.

Cluster Fly – are attracted to warmth and tend to hide in walls during winter months. Due to the sheer amount of Cluster Flies, they can be a real issue.

Fruit Flies – rotting fruit and vegetables are generally the reason Fruit Flies will appear. It’s important to remove waste on a daily basis, as these flies lay their eggs in this matter.

Drain and Filter Flies – will be found here as they like the moist environment and rotting food that might be there. Not only will they feed here but lay eggs too, so you will certainly know about it when hundreds of flies infest your kitchens.

Phorid Fly – any moist decaying matter will entice these flies. They will feed and breed near bins and debris.

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Cleaning Tips and preventatives

  • Boiling water – as you can see, most flies like damp places such as floor drains. A way to get rid of them is to pour boiling water directly into the drain, where it will kill the fly eggs that have been laid during the day. The boiling water will also flush away any food that is attracting them to the drain. This process must be repeated to ensure you keep on top of these pests.
  • Electronic fly killers – place away from natural light as your light will have to compete. Also do not place above food areas, as you do not want flies dropping into the food – this’ll defeat the whole point of putting safety precautions in place.
  • Flyscreen windows and doors – with the influx of customers comes the invasion of flies. It’s ideal to have flyscreens over your windows and doors, not only will it let the fresh air in on a hot summer’s day but keep out bugs and debris from the streets. A way to keep your cafe/restaurant clean at all times, an effective affordable solution.
  • Flypaper strips – these environmentally friendly strips are ideal for all flies listed above. This strip is covered in a fragrant, sticky adhesive that captures flies. Flypaper should be changed regularly, to avoid parts falling off when decomposing. These should be located in prime areas away from customers tables and not too close to the front of house as this can be off-putting.
  • Stagnant water – it’s important when mopping the floors not to leave pools of water. Flies will lay their eggs here – immediately making mopping an obsolete task. However, this does not mean to say that you shouldn’t mop the floors completely. This will lift grease and food that has accumulated that would otherwise feed the flies. It’s important to drain your mop and soak up the remaining water pools.
  • Clean as you go – it goes without saying that if you clean as you go, this will reduce pests and help you to have a smooth running commercial kitchen.


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