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Pest Problems Facing Industrial Factories and Warehouses

Unlike smaller commercial spaces, pest control for factories and warehouses is much harder. It’s a challenge to control pest problems that break out within them. This is largely due to their sheer size; however, such buildings also tend to have many gaps, crevices and holes which are ideal for pests to nest and multiply. Before you know it – you’ll have an infestation. What’s more, if your warehouse happens to be one which stores food, the problem becomes even more severe, since you will have to seal off the affected areas and halt operations.

warehouse pest control

It goes without saying that such manufacturing and distribution businesses can’t afford to halt in this manner; if a warehouse was closed for just one day for fumigation, it could cost that business hundreds of thousands of pounds.

There are numerous different pests which can infest and damage factories and warehouses, each of which bring their own unique problems. In this article, we will go through each category of pest individually, and detail the problems associated with them.

Insect infestations

cockroach in factory

One of the largest problems surrounding insect infestations in factories and warehouses is the sheer variety of them. That is, there are many different species, from cockroaches to ants to moths, each with their own nesting and eating habits which must be identified. Their small size is a problem too, making the issue of identifying nesting spots even more difficult. Don’t worry though, professionals will be all too familiar with the various insects that befoul large commercial spaces, and will be equipped to find and eliminate them.

Rodent infestations

rats in factory

Rodents, although fewer in number than insects, are considerably larger and pose their own set of problems. The most frustrating problem associated with them is their propensity to chew through any material they find. This is particularly frustrating in factories with expensive machinery, as it will add further costs on top of those associated with halting operations.

Once they have got into your premises, rats and mice can multiply very quickly, so it’s vital that you act as soon as one of them has been spotted. Even if you don’t see one in the flesh there are telltale signs to look out for, such as droppings, large gaps and bite marks.

Bird pests

birds in warehouse roof

Far more common than you might think, birds will often take refuge in the rafters of warehouses to escape extreme winter temperatures. As you can imagine, the key problem with these pests is that they can fly, meaning their nesting spots are much harder to reach than insects and rodents. Also, droppings will be a problem, something that could wreak havoc in premises that store food.

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