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How To Prevent and Get Rid Of Moles in Your Garden

Like all pests, moles are just as disruptive as the rest of them, but this month,we’re here to provide you with all of the information you’ll need in order to prevent and get rid of moles for good. What are moles? Moles are carnivorous creatures that live in the ground, feasting on worms, grubs and larvae. They must eat around half of their body weight a day to survive, if they find themselves limited for food, they will dig more surface holes to maximise their chances of trapping insects. What do moles look like? A mole’s body can measure up to…

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Results for 'Mole Control'

Andrew Lock wins award for mole catching

On the 3rd of April 2018 we were pleased to present Andrew Lock with our esteemed award for ‘Best Mole Catcher in Essex’ at Pest Defence. Throughout Andrew’s career at Pest Defence he’s caught many moles – too many to count! We presented him with the award not only to celebrate this but also in recognition of his general hard work and great attitude. Moles are a destructive pest that are prone to damaging gardens, parks and sports fields with their prolific burrowing and molehills. More than just an eyesore-creating nuisance, their activity can cause safety hazards and even major disruption…

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