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Who Provides Pest Control in Ilford and London Borough of Redbridge?

Pest infestations are thankfully quite uncommon, but when they do happen it can have a huge effect on our day-to-day life. These nuisance critters can cause much more destruction than their size would suggest, damaging all sorts of things from food, to crops, to livestock. When an infestation strikes and you need help getting rid of it, it’s important to be aware of what your first port of call should be. If you’re looking for pest control in Ilford or elsewhere in the London Borough of Redbridge, this article will give you the lowdown on the services available and what you…

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How to Prevent and Get Rid of House Dust Mites

Though you would never be able to sense their presence, dust mites are a cause of aggravation to many. These tiny creatures hide in dust all over our houses without us knowing, leaving up to 20 droppings a day, which is bad news for allergy sufferers. So what can you do about this common pest? In this guide, we’ll go through everything you (might not) want to know about dust mites.   What are dust mites? Dust mites (sometimes known as house mites) are tiny, microscopic creatures that can be found pretty much anywhere humans can. They are a type of…

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How To Get Rid of Ladybirds and Prevent An Infestation

Ladybirds are less scary-looking than your typical insect, but just like any other pest, they can cause significant disruption when they appear in large numbers. A ladybird infestation can be a huge nuisance but overall they are nothing to worry about, and can be dealt with easily. In this guide, we will go through everything you should know about how to deal with ladybirds in the home, and why the Harlequin variety has been stirring up such a fuss.   What are ladybirds? Contrary to what their cute, dome-shaped, polka-dot appearance may have you believe, ladybirds are a type of beetle,…

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How To Prevent and Get Rid of Biscuit Beetles

Kamran [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Most people don’t think to check their dried food for pests as it’s not somewhere you’d necessarily expect to find an infestation. Your store-cupboards can, however, become somewhere for pests such as biscuit beetles (or drugstore beetles) to thrive, which can cause contamination and health risks, as well as being a huge inconvenience. In this guide, we’ll look at everything you need to know about biscuit beetles and take you through some common questions about infestations.   What are biscuit beetles? Biscuit beetles are small, hard-shelled, reddish-brown beetles with an oval-shaped body which is…

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What Types of Insect Pests Are Living in My Home?

Your home can be a thriving ecosystem for a number of pests and creepy crawlies. Most of the time, you won’t be aware of their presence, but when they begin to grow in numbers, they can infest your home and become a persistent nuisance. In this article, we’re looking at some of the different types of insects you might find living in your home, which will include information to help you identify them, and learn how they can infest your property.   Silverfish What do they look like? Silverfish are easy to identify by their shimmery, silver appearance and rapid, wriggly…

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How to Prevent and Get Rid of Bird Mites

Here at Pest Defence Ltd, we are often asked to identify lesser-known insect species which have been found in the home. One of these is the bird mite – also known as pigeon mites, red mites and bird lice – which can be mistaken for bed bugs. They do pose a risk to humans and are certainly an unwelcome presence in the home, so read on for our advice on what to do if you think you may have a bird mite infestation.   What are bird mites? ‘Bird mites’ is the collective name for several types of mites for which…

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How to Prevent and Get Rid Of Woodlice In the House

Woodlice are a common household nuisance in the UK. In small numbers, they don’t pose much of a problem, but a woodlice infestation can become difficult to handle and hard to stop. While woodlice won’t pose much of a risk to your health, an infestation is not a pleasant thing to deal with; this article will help you understand why woodlice are appearing in your home, as well as how you can prevent an infestation from occurring.   What do woodlice look like? Woodlice (‘Pill Bugs’ in the United States, and ‘Slater Bugs’ in New Zealand) come in a variety of…

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How to Prevent and Get Rid of Booklice

Booklice thrive in damp conditions. These tiny insects are harmless to humans but can quickly grow in numbers, causing an infestation which can be difficult to control. The name might make it seem like they exist purely in the confines of old books, but actually, booklice are happy to take root in any dark, warm and humid places where damp might be found. Booklice do not leave behind a great deal of evidence of their presence, so it might be tough to know you have an infestation unless you spot the creatures yourself. But by learning more about booklice, including what…

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What are cluster flies and how do you get rid of a cluster fly infestation?

Aiwok [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Pests are irritating, unsightly and insanitary – which is why finding an infestation is worrying – and finding cluster flies is no exception. Cluster flies are 8mm long and are a dark grey colour, with small patches of gold hair on their back and long wings. Appearing in spring, cluster flies will begin to lay eggs outside and will hibernate in your home around nearing winter, around August time. To get rid of cluster flies you can use your vacuum cleaner, aerosol fly killer or call your local professionals who will be able to…

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Types of Mice in the UK – Mouse Identification & Facts

There are numerous types of mice in the United Kingdom, varying in size, average lifespan and physical appearance. If you’ve found a mouse in your garden or your house and want to know the species, or if you’d just like to find out the different mouse breeds in the UK and be able to distinguish between their differences, read our guide on mouse identification and become an expert. We’ll also provide interesting mouse facts like what different mice eat in the wild, their lifespans, what they look like, whether they hibernate and more.   British rodents identification – the different types…

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